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Sensei Anita (Saari) Chirdon

Martial Arts Biography

Sensei Anita Chirdon began her martial arts training at the Painesville, Ohio YMCA, under Master Chuck Chirdon, in 1979. Sensei Anita Chirdon and Master Chuck Chirdon were married in 1981. The couple relocated to Iowa in 1982. Anita continued her training and received her 2nd Class brown belt while in Iowa later that year. She began training for her black belt while assisting Chuck with teaching at an established branch of Koroshi in Iowa.

In 1983, the Chirdon couple moved back to Ohio and Anita's training continued in Ohio until 1987. While preparing for her Black Belt, Anita competed extensively in the Ohio tournament circuits, winning top placement in most of the events attended. Anita was accompanied frequently by Master Charles Brown.

Anita then decided then to push hard to train for her black belt, under the direction of Chuck, and found a training partner in Mary Jo Matousek. Anita & "Joie" tested and received their Shodan rankings in June of 1988, assisted in large part by Koroshi Master Charles Brown. Sensei Anita Chirdon then began teaching to a much greater extent at the Koroshi School in Thompson, Ohio until 1992. At that time, Anita and Chuck's daughter, Danielle, was born. This set a new priority in Sensei Chirdon's life.

The Chirdon family moved to Newark, Ohio in 1993 to take advantage of an employment opportunity for Chuck. Anita continued to train and maintain her health and well-being by way of her learned discipline and art. The couple's son, Jesse, came along during this time in July 1997.

Sensei Anita Chirdon continued to train and assisted Master Chuck Chirdon in the start-up of Koroshi in Newark, Ohio. During this time, Sensei Anita Chirdon proved to be diligent with her art. As a result, she was awarded her San Dan (Third Degree) Black Belt in Song Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do from Master Chuck Chirdon and the Koroshi Master's Board in August 2008.

Currently involved with the United Promoters Martial Arts Circuit and Koroshi School of Defense, Newark, Ohio, Sensei Anita Chirdon continues her involvement in the Martial Arts. She is a key figure in the UPMAC organization and administration responsibilities of the circuit.